Karoline D. Recruitment Specialist

Karoline joined our team in December 2017, a true northern girl who loves the outdoors, has an amazing zest for life, always has a kind word to say.  She has fit into our team in a way that makes you think she has always been here.  We worry about her leaving us because her Rav4 always seems packed and ready to hit the road.  She is learning her way as a Recruitment Specialist and getting to know her dynamic team of health care professionals,

Within her position she:

  • Coordinates assignments
  • Manages an unruly inbox every day
  • Talks to Travel Nurses and Allied Professionals to find out their personal and professional goals to find the perfect travel assignment
  • Checks in with employees on assignment
  • Problem solves assignment logistics

Five Things you didn’t know about her:

  1. Karoline works from the Head Office in Prince George, B.C.
  2. When not actively recruiting to find you your next best assignment, K spends her time outdoors in the woods, out on the water, or anything that involves coffee and fresh air!
  3. Karoline enjoys trail running, skiing, road or mountain biking, snowshoeing, hiking, camping, stealing her friend’s dogs, spending time with her friends and family, reading, cooking delicious food, and basically anything that keeps her outside.
  4. Karoline loves kids and spends a lot of her free time volunteering her the community.
  5. Karoline aspires to be a minimalist and her dream is to be able to fit everything she owns in her Rav4.