Explore the Beautiful Prairies with a Assignment Opportunity Today!

Explore the Beautiful Prairies with a Assignment Opportunity Today!

The assignments don’t stop when it comes to the Prairies! The Prairies are a fun place to explore from the beautiful parks to vibrant cities. There is something for everyone. Let’s find you a perfect assignment today!

North Saskatchewan: Northern Saskatchewan is a breath-taking gateway with world-class fishing, hunting, and outdoor adventure. Whether you enjoy more relaxing outdoor activities such as fishing, canoeing, or more extreme sports, such as parasailing, there is an adventure waiting for everyone!

Central Saskatchewan: Central Saskatchewan has something to truly offer everyone. Whether you want to relax in the Manitou Springs, or shop ‘til you drop in some of the beautiful shops, or explore Saskatchewan’s rich past at Batoche, it is all truly sights to see.

South Saskatchewan: Southern Saskatchewan has several diverse destinations for you to explore. Take a hike in the Moose Mountain Provincial Park or see a Canadian Football Game. There great adventures to be had!

Northern Alberta: It has been said, “If bears could design their own backyards, they’d make them look like northern Alberta.*” Where the summer days are filled with sunlight and sunset isn’t until almost midnight and winter days are filled with snowmobiling, ice fishing, skiing and skating. Visit the breath-taking Wood Buffalo National Park where you may just see buffaloes roaming. There is something to do year round!

Canadian Rockies: Such a sight to see! From the picture-perfect mountains to the entertainment of near-by mountain towns. You can spend your day off snowboarding and then relax and eat in the close restaurants.

Southern Alberta: Explore Canada’s Badlands and Foothills with the Dinosaur Provincial Park, Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump and Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. Hike on the Hoodoo trails where you will want to stop for pictures!

Northern Manitoba: Immerse yourself in history and culture of Northern Manitoba! Visit some of the beautiful provincial parks such as Paint Lake Provincial Park and Bakers Narrows Provincial Park. Enjoy some Wildlife Watching; they are hundreds of birds, huge herds of caribou, black bears, wolves, foxes, massive moose, muskrats and so many other mammals.

If you cannot pick one location, why not visit them all! We would be happy to help you explore what Saskatchewan has to offer.  To stay connected with our great opportunities, please visit our job board.

We look forward to working with you!


(*source: https://www.travelalberta.com/ca/places-to-go/northern-alberta/)

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