Travel Nurse Canada Summer 2017 Photo Contest Winners!


We received close to 300 photo submissions from over a 100 nurses!  Everything from beautiful landscapes and views, wild animals, unique surroundings and experiences, and funny photos.  Stories were definitely told while on the road to assignment for travel nurses throughout the summer and this past year.  Thank you to all the travel nurses across Canada for submitting the most amazing photos!

Check out our winning photos here and just a few more, hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

We are so proud of ALL the photos submitted, that you may see them popping up every once and a while in our broadcast and even social media, we will even be posting photo’s with a “travel nurse story” attached! Stay tuned and watch for your photo!

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National Emergency Nurse’s Week October 8-14, 2017

National Emergency Nurse’s Day is observed annually on the second Wednesday in October. We take this day to say “thank you” to the emergency room nurses for their hard work, dedication, service and commitment to their patients and families and their loyalty to the emergency nursing profession.

Emergency room nurses are the first people we see when we have an accident or a medical emergency. They work hard to put us at ease and eliminate pain and discomfort. This is a day to let them know just how important they are in keeping hospitals running smoothly.


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 Are You Seeking a Permanent Job?

Permanent Jobs and Opportunities now available…check them out here!

To apply for any of the positions listed below or to receive information, please contact our Human Resources Department or email your recruitment specialist.

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