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Operating Room Assignments In Saskatchewan
WO-23661  Oct 10 –  Apr 01  RN – OR  Saskatchewan  $52-$55/hr – URGENT!
WO-23662  Oct 10 –  Apr 01  RN – OR  Saskatchewan  $52-$55/hr – URGENT!
WO-23663  Oct 10 –  Apr 01  RN – OR  Saskatchewan  $52-$55/hr – URGENT!
WO-23753  Oct 10 – Jan 08  RN – OR  Saskatchewan  $52-$55/hrURGENT!
Operating Room Assignments In British Columbia
WO-23526  Oct 10 – Dec 22  RN – OR  Northern BC  $52-$55/hr – URGENT!
WO-23524  Oct 10 – Oct 31  RN – OR  Northern BC  $52-$55/hr – URGENT!
WO-23594  Nov 06 – Dec 22  RN – OR  Northern BC  $52-$55/hr

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BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH – Guidelines to a Breast Self-Exam

As you peruse the aisles of your favorite department store, you start to notice a trend: pink scarves, pink socks, pink shirts, and pink coffee mugs. Then pink blenders, pink vacuums, and is that a pink microwave?!? Ahh yes, the pink explosion is everywhere, and that can only mean one thing: October is upon us, and everyone is preparing for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is a reminder that there is a gruesome disease that is out to get second base. These sweet, pink pastels are there to nudge us, saying “hey, don’t forget to examine your breasts, get your doctor to check them out too, and schedule your mammogram.” After all, about 1 in 8 U.S. women, and 1 in 1000 U.S. men will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of their lifetime, and being proactive in this fight is crucial.

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Cudos from Campbell River

We love hearing from you!  Michelle, thank you for taking the time to drop us a note from Campbell River, BC on your First Assignment!  Glad to hear you are enjoying it.  Michele wrote:

“Hello Carole,

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for all your help with getting my first assignment! I am settling in and learning lots, and can’t wait to explore the area on my days off.

I appreciate all the support from solutions staffing, it truly has made this a pleasant and rewarding experience!

Michele K”

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Coffee, autumn leaves, book, reading glasses and grey scarf on rustic wood.

September 29th is #NationalCoffeeDay
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