Questions to Ask Your Recruiter Before Securing a Travel Assignment

“What are the wages for this assignment?” Always be sure to discuss wage details before securing an assignment. Other questions to ask about your wage may be regarding the overtime, pay days, and on-call wage (if this applies to your assignment).

2 – “What travel options do I have this assignment?” There may be different travel options available to you when it comes to assignments. Some nurses do prefer to drive to/from their assignment whereas other nurses prefer to fly to/from their assignment. This may also be subject to location so be sure to ask your recruiter what options you may have however if you have any preferences, please let your recruiter know.

3 – “What are the accommodations for this assignment?”  Going on an assignment is very exciting; new location to explore, new facility to enjoy but, where will you be staying? Ask your recruiter! They will be able to provide you some details on the accommodations information. They will also be able to let you know if the accommodations are family/spouse or pet-friendly. Again, if you have any preferences, please let your recruiter know.


4 – “Will I be provided an orientation?” This will vary from facility to facility however there will always be an orientation period (unless you are returning to the assignment location). Some facilities will offer a one day of orientation whereas others may offer three or more days of orientation. Your recruiter can provide you the information regarding the length of the orientation a facility may provide. If you feel that you may require extra orientation, you can certainly discuss this with your recruiter.

5 – “What resources are available to me if I have any questions or concerns while on assignment?” This is also a very important question to ask. Different companies may have their own procedures. Make sure to note any after-hours emergency contact numbers, Clinical Support number, Travel Support numbers. Your recruiter can always be your “go-to” person, they would easily be reached by phone or email. Discuss this with your recruiter to ensure that you have all sources readily available to you.

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