Stories from the Road – April 6

Stories from the Road

“My first assignment with Solutions this time around (I worked with them as an LPN in 2007/8) started as a 2 month assignment from August 5 to October 31, 2017, and here I am March 31, 2018, packing up to head to the next gig is a bit surreal.  It has been a whirlwind of excitement and challenges from orientation day when a cardiac arrest flew into one of our acute beds because the trauma rooms were full till a few weeks ago when we had 2 code oranges in one weekend. Patients lined hallways at times and the crowded department made the news on more than one occasion. During this time I have worked with and made some forever friends with some amazing and dedicated permanent and agency staff in my stint here. Holidays were met with invitations from many so as to have to spend them alone being away from family during this stint. Christmas morning was celebrated with other agency nurses in pj’s with homemade biscuits and mimosas and  my birthday was enjoyed with some of these new found friends for a dinner night out and trip to Harrison Hot Springs. These last few days are bittersweet feeling like this was home for these last 7 months.”


“The location was amazing to explore and I love having the ability to travel around work areas and beyond.  Walks around a small lake in the middle of the city, daily mountain views and green all year round is something I appreciate after living most my years in areas where cold weather and snow abound.  A weekend getaway in Seattle to see Chihuy Gardens, the Muppets and ride the Ferris wheel in September, a quick trip to the Mayan and Cozumel in November, a wine tour incorporated with a CTAS course in Penticton in January, and finally relaxing in Harrison Hot Springs in February have made me appreciate the flexibility and opportunities travel nursing provides. It’s a lifestyle I am sure will be difficult to leave.  I am looking forward to my next adventure in Bella Bella along with future endeavors this job holds for me.”

Photos and story submitted by: Sabrina L. – Travel Nurse with Solutions Staffing Inc.

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