Stories from the Road – March 28

Stories from the Road

“I visited all the local sites when I was on my days off in Salt Spring. I especially liked hiking up Mount Erskine and finding the small fairy doors at the top. I enjoyed walking around a little town in the city and stopping at The Treehouse Cafe, barbs buns, Auntie pesto,  the pastries and the local  bakery.”

“For incoming travel nurses I recommend driving over so that you can explore the island properly, but fill up with gas first because it’s more expensive on Salt Spring. Bring some of the comforts of home, like a house coat and heat bag. Practically should bring a large mug, and your own Tupperware for storing food.”

“Salt Spring is a special place. Community is upbeat and caring, and the hospital unit culture is very good. Make sure you’re comfortable being the only emergency trained nurse on during nights and are flexible with different ways of performing patient care and treatment.  I would recommend this travel assignment you any other nurse in the future.”


Photos and story submitted by: Melinda P. – Travel Nurse with Solutions Staffing Inc.

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