Stories From The Road – May 4

Stories from the Road


“I’m always waiting in anticipation on where my next travel nurse assignment will be. After seeing the email of a need for an LPN in ‘The heart of the Great Bear Rainforest‘, I thought hey, that sounds like a new destination for me, and one where I could see another part of British Columbia that I would never have traveled to on my own. Being a travel nurse has provided me with the opportunity to incorporate the 3 things I love the most: My love of working as an L.P.N., my love of traveling, and my love of flying.

I actually get excited taking the mini bus over to Vancouver Airport South, because I can’t wait to see how small the airplane is going to be this time. I love the ability to watch the pilots and see out the front window as we fly over the coastline, getting glimpses of the surroundings of my new home for a few weeks, Bella Coola (I had to actually look up on a map to really get a sense of where it is). Bella Coola Valley is a remote natural paradise in the heart of the Coast Mountains. It is at the end of Highway 20 and completely surrounded by big snow capped mountains; absolutely breathtaking.

The Bella Coola Hospital is a small hospital with the usual clinics and small pharmacy. A small staff of half local, and half agency nurses work well together. The work is a nice pace and the residents are wonderful and thankful for every thing you do. The stories they have told me of the valley and the people are wonderful. I loved hearing the rich history of the Nuxalk First Nations and of the return of the  Eulachons. The nursing residence is across the street and every morning I open the curtains and take in the beautiful views of those mountains while taking a big breath of the freshest air…I have never slept so well of all the assignments I have been on! My days off are spent on one of many hikes around the rivers, and finding waterfalls hidden behind huge old growth trees. Despite it being in the  “Bear Rainforest”, I have not seen either of them….this time.”


Photos and story submitted by: Michell T. – Travel Nurse with Solutions Staffing Inc.


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