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Getting started on an exciting travel nursing career with TravelNurse is easy.

Just complete your application package and send it back today! In addition to our standard application you will need to complete additional documents and a skills checklist for all the areas that you are competent to work. Our Human Resources department will contact you shortly after receiving your application and review the documents you have sent and any additional documents you have and help walk you through the application process.

Once your file is complete and you have completed a brief clinical interview to identify your skill set and clinical strengths a Recruitment Specialist (Recruiter) will be assigned to you. Your Recruiter will review the current assignments available to you and take notes on your preferences and travel goals. They will get to know your personal preferences and keep you up to date on the assignments that fit your personal and professional goals. You will also be introduced to our online assignment schedule and be added to our newsletter and assignment listing email system so that you can view all assignments and choose the ones that suit you best.


Getting Started

Step 1 - The Application

Completing an application is the first step towards a rewarding career in travel nursing. For your convenience, please choose a format that works best for you: apply online, print it yourself (PDF format) and mail or fax it back, or contact us and request an Application Package be mailed to you. Along with your application, a skills checklist and supporting documentation will need to be submitted.

Step 2 - Phone Interview with a Clinical Coordinator

The next step, after we receive your completed application we will arrange a telephone interview with a Clinical Coordinator. Your assigned Clinical Coordinator will review your profile with you and discuss your placement options based on your skill set and experience.

Step 3 - Speak with a Recruiter

Once your profile has been reviewed and you have completed your clinical review, you will be assigned a personal Recruitment Specialist who will work with you to find an assignment that best suits your availability, skills and preferable location. In addition to your Recruiter contacting you about potential assignments, you will be given a user name and password to access our online database of job postings.This offers you the freedom to browse prospective assignments at your pleasure.

Step 4 - Assignment Placement

After you have accepted an assignment, pack your bags and get ready to experience the world of travel nursing! Solutions Staffing Inc. arranges all travel arrangements and accommodations at no cost to you! Your personal recruiter remains in contact throughout your assignment to answer any questions you may have and to also inform you of upcoming assignments.

Safe, Conscientious Practice: Once you have committed to an approved assignment you will receive a package of information about the facility you will be working in. Within your package is our 24 hour line that you can access for any clinical issues. TravelNurse will assist your practice by assisting you in obtaining the support you need on site or working through issues verbally with you. TravelNurse will arrange your orientation times and in some cases your schedule. Additional orientation can be arranged in most locations to support your exceptional practice while working in your temporary assignment location.




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