On Our Way To The East Coast!

On Our Way To The East Coast!

Let’s make our way to the East of Canada! From charming and historic communities to the breath-taking views, let’s find you a perfect assignment location today!

Ontario: “Explorers’ Edge is home to some of Ontario’s most iconic travel destinations as well as vast expanses of stunning natural landscapes.*” Visit one-of-a-kind attractions, like stand up paddle-boarding or helicopter tours, and the best camping sites in the world.

Eastern Newfoundland: Immerse yourselves in the history of Newfoundland. The exceptional French islands of Saint-Pierre et Miquelon can be reached by a short ferry trip from the town of Fortune on the Heritage Run. Visit the Bonavista Museum; see their collection of artifacts and hear the stories of Newfoundland’s oldest and largest inshore fishing communities.

Central Newfoundland: If you enjoy the outdoors, Central Newfoundland is for you! “It’s where you can visit Iceberg Alley – the stretch of coastline along which towers of ancient ice majestically float down from Greenland – and where 22 species of whales gather in large numbers to feed, play, and people-watch.*”. Book a trip to go Iceberg Viewing or Whale Watching, all adventures that you would not want to miss!


Nova Scotia: Nova Scotia is called “Canada’s Ocean Playground”. With plenty to explore, you will be busy even on your days off. Visit the Cabot Trail, or Fisherman’s Cove. Maybe Bay of Fundy, one of the Seven Wonders of North America.

If you cannot pick one location, why not visit them all! We would be happy to help you explore what these locations have to offer.  To stay connected with our great opportunities, please visit our job board.

We look forward to working with you!



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