What our employees have to say

Hear It From Your Teammates

“It has been 20 months since I quit my steady and reliable, but suffocating permanent job after 27 years nursing in the same building. How liberating this has been for me! I joined the Solutions team and I now feel in charge of my life. I can choose when I work and where I work and have had a lot of fun!”

– Jen L.

I’ve been with Solutions Staffing since 2012 and I’d say being a Travel Nurse is one of the best decision I’ve made in my career! I’m very grateful with the Solutions team and staff for supporting my career and letting me experience this adventure! I have built great relationship with my recruiter and she knows my travel preference and gives me assignments that tailor my clinical skills set. They’re very approachable as well from their front desk, to recruiters, to travel coordinators, to payroll and admin. 24 hour support both with clinical and non clinical through your assignments. Not to mention, there’s a great opportunity for career advancement as well! Currently, they have sponsored me to take post bachelor’s specialty program to support me with career path. They say picture paints a thousand words.. let this collage speaks for itself!

photo collage of Marks adventures

These are some photos I’ve collected along the way. I was able to explore the Western Canada, Prairies, Central Canada as well as Maritimes/Atlantic Canada.

I wouldn’t be able to do this without Travel Nursing. I am also a huge aviation geek and love planes so going to remote communities/towns with small planes is an adventure for me. Patient transfers + Medevacs are always a plus for me! Thanks very much, Solutions Staff Team!! *two thumbs up*

Travel Nursing – All the cool kids are doing it! :D”

– Mark H.

“It has been so much fun for me to join new communities and participate in the things they are doing. A travel nurse is well received and included just by showing up! I have volunteered at a folk festival, gone to book readings, done a full moon mountain hike, and rode a horse along the Frazer river. Such beauty and opportunity has been found in every area I have worked. I have met such lovely people too. What a nice way to see our great country. We are so fortunate to live in Canada, and it is a nice feeling to know you have come to a community to help out. What a wonderful job I have.”

– Jen L.

“Solutions provided me with great travel locations, amazing support and a great learning opportunities. They have assisting me in expanding my clinical scope through course sponsorship in remote practice in British Columbia. They were available 24/7 and motivated towards my success. I have grown so much professionally and personally through travel nursing and Solutions has been with me every step of the way!

– Jacquie K

“I have been working as a Travel Nurse with Solutions Staffing since 2004. I have had the opportunity to work rural, urban and remote facilities. I have enjoyed the variety of assignment in different parts of British Columbia. I always felt well received as an agency nurse by the staff I worked with. Being an adventuresome person I have taken advantage of what the area I have travelled to has to offer. I have beachcombed on Haida Gwaii, hiked the mountains in Wells Grey National Park, gone mushroom picking with locals in the Nisga’a Valley.

Solutions Staffing has always been a supportive and concerned employer. Any issues or concerns I might have are always addressed in a timely, professional manner. Once, while on assignment in Prince George, it was a particularly hot summer. Staff at Solutions went out and bought fans for the nurses so that we could sleep after night shift. This was provided without having to ask for it, I felt that I was recognized as a vital and valued staff member. This personal attention and concern for the welfare of the nurses is why I have continued to do assignments with Solutions. I would highly recommend Solutions Staffing to any nurse or health professional, or facility.

– Linda R.