Linda has been a consistent force with Solutions Staffing (TravelNurse) since 2004. She has traveled throughout British Columbia in Remote Practice, Critical Care and Emergency as a travel nurse with Solutions Staffing Inc (TravelNurse). She currently works from BC’s coast in a remote location as a Clinical Specialist. Linda received her Remote Practice Certification in 2010 and continues to work in First Nations Communities on her time off.


Trevor joined our team in the spring of 2018 although he is certainly not new to travel nursing or to Solutions Staffing Inc.  With over over a decade of traveling with Solutions he is well versed in the challenges travel nurses face and the rewards.  When he is not sitting behind his desk on Vancouver Island, he is traveling abroad and around BC.


Karli has been travel nursing since 2014 with Solutions Staffing Inc. With a background in emergency and critical care, she has travelled all over BC working in remote, rural, and urban centres. Her passion for clinical excellence, innovation, and nursing autonomy propel her drive for clinical nurse education and practice support. On her time off, Karli loves surfing, hiking, singing, and playing the ukulele. She also loves to talk and get to know people, so do be sure to strike up a conversation!



Jo has been with TravelNurse for over a year! She immediately fit in with the busy chaos that is our environment, with a quick laugh and a strong work ethic she was a natural fit. She is the friendly voice of Solutions (TravelNurse) who greets you and answers your questions when you call into our office.


Anchal has traveled all the way from India to Prince George to seek higher education. She started at TravelNurse as a practicum student and loved it so much that she never left! Anchal is providing support in our HR department and assisting in making sure our travelers have all the proper documentation! Anchal enjoys spending time with her family and would love to learn to cycle!


Debra is our newest member of the Human Resources team. In her free time, she loves spending time with her family and reading when she is able to! Her favorite authors include Karen Chance, Karen Marie Mooning and Kelly Armstrong. She love animals and cats are her favourite. What are her all time favourite cats? Hello Kitty and Grumpy Cat! If you receive an email from Debra or speak with her on the phone, be sure to welcome her to the team!

Shayla B.

Shayla is part of the HR Team and is working hard behind the scenes to make sure that everything is set up for our #workationwarriors! Shayla has a passion for horses, fishing and camping and likes to take off on weekends in the summer to spend time in the outdoors.


Manmeet has joined our team as the Human Resources Generalist and helps take care of the TravelNurse internal team! Manmeet loves traveling and connecting with people, as well as hosts a multi-cultural radio show called “Mosaic with Manmeet” on 93.1 CFIS FM! Manmeet is trained in Indian Classical Music and lives her life by the following motto “Build relations, not contacts”!



Nicole manages all payroll activities for our travel nurses and allied professionals and billing for our clients. Her position is busy and more than a little challenging. Nicole balances with with 2 young children who we have all come to know through her stories about them. Nicole is amazingly efficient, she reviews all of your timesheets, makes corrections and adjustments to ensure that your time is accounted for 100% of the time. We think she is a little obsessive and we’re not sure if she was this way before she started this position or after, but we are glad she is!


Bree manages all payroll activities for our travel nurses and allied professionals and billing for our clients. Her position is busy and more than a little challenging. Bree is our resident “Gypsy” if you think you have met her before, you are right, Bree has worked with Solutions (TravelNurse) several times, in several different positions such as HR and Travel.  She leaves us occasionally to travel the world, but always returns us in Prince George.  Bree assists Nicole at being amazingly efficient, she reviews all of your timesheets, makes corrections and adjustments to ensure that your time is accounted for 100% of the time.  If you are talking to Bree, please welcome her back, she shares your love of adventure and travel so you already have something in common.


Micaelin is the newest member of the Payroll team and fits right in to the TravelNurse team. She has always had the travel bug and have been to 10 countries within the last 2 years! When Micaelin was 20, she bought a one way ticket to Thailand, and eventually moved to Australia. While living in Australia for the last 5 years, she spend her days training and competing on cutting horses, as well as breeding high performance horses. Once she decided to return to Canada, she packed her belongings in a suitcase, bought a ticket for herself and her dog Lucy, and now she is here! Be sure to welcome Micaelin to the team!



Carole has worked with Solutions Staffing Inc (TravelNurse) since April 2013. she has fit into our group since day one. She always goes above and beyond to facilitate the perfect travel assignments for her travelers. She is always positive! She enjoys combining work and travel often working from locations outside her home.

Shayla H. 

Shayla is a frequent traveler and goes to Europe at least twice a year so she understands the love of traveling! She enjoys spending time with her dog, Van Gogh, searching out the most delicious London Fog, trying out new vegetarian recipes and re-watching all things Disney! If you see her name come across your inbox, be sure to say hi!


Savanna is the newest member of our Recruitment Team! She is extremely excited to start her new position in Recruitment. Savanna will bring forth lots of joy and positivity to the team and is looking forward to learning! In her spare time, you can find Savanna fishing the local lakes and rivers, at home baking fresh goods or spending time with her cat, Pam.


McKenna is part of the Recruitment Team and plays an important role in getting our Travelers the documents and information that they need for their assignments! She loves completing crafts, spending her time at the lake and tending to her succulents. McKenna is in the process of learning Japanese at home and plans to travel to the country in the future!



Randi plays an important role in getting our Travelers to their destination. With over 5 years of experience managing a department store, her customer service experience and friendly voice on the phone are key in arranging travel itineraries and accommodations. In her spare time, Randi and her husband enjoy going for hikes and outdoor adventures with their two kids, Alex and Riley.


Monika is our newest member to the TravelNurse team and we are thrilled to have her join us! Monika has 5 years of experience in the service industry, working with airlines, travel agencies and hotels. She is going to be a great asset in getting our travelers to their destination. Along with our travelers, Monika has a love of travel, exploring new places, participating in new adventures and riding her bike. Be sure to say “Hi!” when Monika sends you your travel itinerary!


Kaitlin has recently joined the Travel Team at TravelNurse and is eager to get our travelers on their assignments! Kaitlin loves going for walks with her dog, Opal, and is often hanging out at her families cabin at the lake. She enjoys knitting and doing crafty things on weekends! Take a moment to welcome Kaitlin to the team!



Sandra Shannon is the founder of Solutions Staffing Inc. She is a Registered Nurse who has worked primarily in Administration and Critical Care throughout her care, inclusive of Adult Intensive Care, Neonatal Intensive Care and Emergency. She started Solutions Staffing Inc (TravelNurse) in 2001 to address nursing shortages in her home hospital in Prince George, British Columbia and has grown the company to National Recruitment and Temporary Placement Firm that works in most provinces and clinical specialties across Canada. She continues to work from Prince George, British Columbia. She sees all Solutions Staffing Inc (TravelNurse) employees as colleagues and enjoys providing support, facilitating resources and being available to work through challenging situations with professional colleagues and coworkers.


Ryan has been with Solutions Staffing Inc since he was in high school. Its not your imagination, there are “Shannons” peppered throughout this family owned company. Ryan’s role with Solutions includes Travel coordination and Office Management. He coordinates all departments of Solutions and is often the helpful voice on the other end of the weekend after hours logistics line. You can see him here with his lovely wife Kayley and their kids, Theo and Harper.


Dodie is a Practical Nurse and Client Services Manager for Solutions Staffing for the past 14.5 years.  She, her husband, and 2 dogs relocated to La Libertad on the south coast of Ecuador. They own and operate a Boutique Hotel, vacation rental business steps off Cautivo Beach. During her personal Ecuador journey, she discovered a new passion and a new direction. Dodie is now spearheading various projects for disadvantaged families and children. Connecting children like Michel with sponsors like Jeff, Sandra, and the Solutions Team.  People with caring hearts that want to make a difference.


Brianne has been working with Solutions Staffing Inc. (TravelNurse) since August of 2011.  Brianne has taken her position with her throughout British Columbia and currently works remotely from the beautiful Kootenays and loves the freedom that is allows her to explore the great outdoors.  It has been our pleasure to work with Brianne and watch the many changes in her life, geographical, philosophical, and personal. Brianne always has a funny story to share, a quick smile and a fun laugh, she is known in our office as being resilient and patient. Brianne is a dedicated team member who takes pride in creating a strong relationship with both Clients and Healthcare Professionals seeking to work with us!


Tyla has recently moved back from Vancouver and decided to come back and work with us! Tyla was the friendly face behind Human Resources before she flew off to Vancouver to work on her education goals. She enjoys many different roles within the company and is currently working as a Client Manager and completes our social media! We are so happy to have her back. Another adventurer, kindred spirit on our team, please be sure to welcome her back!