New Brunswick License Requirements

Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Registered Psychiatric Nurses

To become licensed as an RN in New Brunswick, please see NANB (Nurses Association of New Brunswick).

Licensed Practical Nurses

To become licensed as an LPN in New Brunswick, please see ANBLPN (Association of New Brunswick Licensed Practical Nurses)

Allied Professionals

Abbreviations: MLT (Medical Laboratory Technologist), MLA (Medical Laboratory Assistant AKA Technician), UST (Sonographer / Ultrasound Radiographer), CLXT (Combined Lab & X-Ray Technologist)

Medical Radiation Technologist

Medical Laboratory Technologist

Please note: Membership in CSMLS is voluntary. The only exception applies to medical laboratory technologists (MLTs) who work in New Brunswick. The regulatory body, the New Brunswick Society of Medical Laboratory Technologists, requires CSMLS membership as a condition of licensure. Some employers require CSMLS membership as a condition of employment.