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    Only Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents are allowed to apply currently.

    Q: Why Do You Need to Register?

    Registering with Solutions Staffing Inc. (TravelNurse) will allow you to keep your application process going. We will ask you a few key questions to start your application and then you can update as time allows. Having an account will allow you to:

    • Come back to your application any time to finish the application process
    • Update your information to keep your professional profile up to date
    • Access new programs, educational opportunities, policies and procedures and programs on a limited basis
    • Once you begin working with TravelNurse your profile will be opened to give you full access to all of the information you need for great assignment opportunities!

    We know you are busy. We have reformatted our application process to offer increased flexibility. You can start and stop your application anytime, anywhere – through our online portal. You can keep your profile up to date as you go by submitting new certificates and licenses as you obtain them.

    Our Workation Team will stay with you every step of the way, letting you know the progress of your application as well as being there to answer any questions you may have. We are told our application process is extensive, because it is. You have worked hard to develop a body of experience and expertise, we want to display it all on your professional profile!

    4 Step Application Process

    Step One

    Register with TravelNurse and complete the minimum list of documentation.

    Step Two

    Complete your Professional Clinical Interview with one of our Clinical Specialists over the phone.

    Step Three

    Work with a Recruitment Specialist to find the perfect assignment. Your Recruiter will ask you questions about your goals, what your perfect assignment is and what your specific needs are.

    Step Four

    Complete the remaining application documents before your first assignment with TravelNurse.