Did you know that when you join our Travel Nurse family there are further advantages in the form of monetary bonuses for referrals?

It is simple, if you love working for Travel Nurse and know of other healthcare professionals who might be a good fit, why not let them know about the #workation opportunities available to them and in return, you will be compensated for spreading the word.

Here is how it works:

Option One: Referred nurse worked 4 -7 week contract in first 3 months: $150 Referral Bonus

Option Two: Referred nurse worked 8 – 11 week contract in first 12 months: $300 Referral Bonus

Option Three: Referred nurse worked 12 or more week contract in first 12 months: $500 Referral Bonus

Workation Warrior Super Bonus:  

  • Refer 5 Nurses who work a minimum of 4 weeks in their first 6 months and receive an additional $500 on top of their qualifications based on the above quoted amounts.  Opportunity to make up to $3000!
  • For example, if you refer 5 nurses who work 12 weeks or more within their first 6 months you would receive $2500 and an added $500 for the Workation Warrior Super Bonus.

Completing your assignments can come with incentives as well!  Once you complete your file and interview, you will receive detailed information about seasonal incentives that are available to employees for specific assignments throughout Canada.

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All eligible contracts for a referral bonus must be FT hours and you must be an active employee with Travel Nurse Canada (Solutions Staffing Inc.) to be eligible for referral bonuses.

Effective as of February 15th, 2021. Any prior referrals will be paid out on our previous referral program.

Each option is claimable once per referred healthcare professional. 

All referral bonuses will be paid at the completion of the eligible assignment dates.

Assignment cancellations, by employee, will not be eligible for the referral bonus.

All referrals need to be filled out on the applicable Bonus Claim Referral Form to receive payment. Contact to obtain a copy.