Solutions From the Heart

Solutions from the Heart was established this year (2021) to support initiatives that YOU are involved in by providing a platform for you to reach thousands of healthcare professionals.  We are all looking at ways to create an impact in the world after the year we have experienced in healthcare.  One of the biggest things we learned in 2020 is that we work with amazing people every day, people who are working towards a brighter future globally.

 Solutions from the Heart – A community rising together to create positive impact in the world

This is the first step in creating a full foundation that will supports our individual employees’ dedication to making the world a better place, with this platform we would like to create a community that is engaged in supporting each other’s philanthropic work.  We are working to develop a way for our employees to donate their time and money to causes that resonate with them individually AND to establish a full foundation that will allow our employees to add to the work of others through the donation of their time and money.

Have a project you’d like featured?

If you have a project that you are working on, we would like to highlight it in this section of our website TODAY as a way for you to bring attention to the work you are doing, engage our community of amazing healthcare professionals and gain momentum for your project.


We Are All In The Same Storm But Not In The Same Boat

This all started with Dodie Schadlich, our Client Specialist who started Ecuador from the Heart.   She has been involved in building houses for those in need for a number of years.  When Covid hit Ecuador it brought many inequities into focus for her and feeding people became a priority.  As tourism came to a halt and lock down became the reality for many communities she was drawn to making an impact.  This has transcended to building bathrooms for people who don’t have bathrooms, basic needs.  Travel nurses and internal staff members have been contributing their time and their money to make these basic needs possible.

To donate to this project, please visit:  and Search for project # 50170